Getting Affordable Car Insurance as a Senior Driver

Updated: January 2022

As any driver over 65 can tell you, car insurance rates increase significantly once you hit your senior years. Though the jump from 60 to 65 may not be so noticeable, the hike in rates drivers in their 70s experience can be sharp, and drivers 80 and older have it even worse.

As frustrating as they are, these rate increases reflect the increased risk of accidents that senior drivers have. This may seem unfair, but it’s important to keep in mind that some senior drivers might be better off giving up their license -- any driver that notices their own driving abilities getting worse, whether it’s related to dulling reflexes, eyesight degradation, or other common issues associated with aging, should not be driving.

However, we recognize that there are plenty of senior drivers that are still perfectly capable of driving, and that for these drivers, finding a way to get affordable coverage is important. Here are our top recommendations for getting inexpensive insurance:

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Are You Over 65? Consider These Discounts

When it comes to car insurance as a senior driver, discounts are a must. Here are a few of the most commonly offered ones:

  • Senior Discounts: This might be obvious, but many carriers do offer a discount to drivers over 65 -- if this is an option for you, make sure it’s on your policy!
  • Veteran Discounts: Veteran discounts are common. If you served, check with your provider to see if this is an available discount.
  • Defensive Driving Discounts: To encourage senior drivers to brush up on their driving skills, many carriers offer discounts to those that complete approved defensive driving courses -- in fact, certain states even require providers to offer this discount. Always check to ensure that the course you’re considering is one that your provider counts before enrolling.

Besides the discounts we’ve mentioned, there are plenty of others that you might be eligible for -- there are driver-based discounts, vehicle-based discounts, and policy-based discounts. Though discounts might look small on paper, they do add up quickly, so make sure to stay on top of which ones your carrier offers.

Other Ways for Senior Drivers to Save

How else can you save? Check out these extra tips for getting the lowest rates possible:

  1. Drive a Newer Vehicle: Depending on how much longer you think you’ll be actively driving, it might be worth it to purchase a newer vehicle. Newer vehicles typically allow for lower insurance rates because of how much safer they are. If you aren’t planning to drive for much longer, however, this might not be worth it.
  2. Consider a Mileage-Based Policy: Given that most seniors are no longer commuting to work, it’s no surprise that they often drive less than the average American. If you believe you fit into this category, it might be worth it for you to consider a low-mileage policy -- that’s right, certain carriers offer policies that charge drivers based on how many miles they drive, which can mean significant savings over time.
  3. Shop Carefully: This tip applies to any type of driver. Any time you’re considering switching carriers, always take the time to compare multiple options. If you simply accept the first quote you see, it’s likely you’ll end up overpaying. Likewise, it’s important that drivers who have been with the same carrier for years take the time to check on the prices other carriers might have to offer every so often -- it’s unfortunate but true that providers don’t always reward loyal customers with lower rates. By regularly checking in on what’s available, you’ll ensure you’re getting the best rates possible.

Senior drivers don’t have to simply accept the high rates they’re charged for car insurance. If you take the time to research your options and figure out what discounts you’re eligible for, it’s possible to still get insurance affordably.

If you’re a driver over 65 looking for affordable car insurance, our site could save you up to $744*/year. Type in your zip code and drop your rates today!

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