Discounts for Members of the Military

If you’re a veteran, you’re currently serving as a member of the military, or you’re a member of the National Guard, there are opportunities for you to save on car insurance. Many carriers offer military discounts on their policies that can lead to significant savings over time Here are the most common ones:

  • General military discount: save up to 15%. Whether you’re active-duty or retired military, you might be eligible for a military affiliation discount.
  • Deployment discount: save up to 60%. Military members who are actively deployed overseas can earn some of the best car insurance discounts available.
  • Child of a member of the military discount: save up to 10%. Certain carriers offer this discount to drivers with a parent in the military.

The availability of these discounts will vary by carrier. If you are eligible for even one of them, it could make a big difference on your monthly rates.

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Other Ways Military Members Can Save on Car Insurance

There are plenty of other saving methods to consider when purchasing insurance. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Consider other discounts. There are many other car insurance discounts available besides military-specific ones. You could save because of your age, your car’s safety features, or even based on how you choose to pay your car insurance bill.

Try a usage-based policy. Usage-based policies base your rates on your driving habits. If you drive less than 12,000 miles per year, this could lead to savings. Be aware that some usage-based carriers will also take your driving habits into account when calculating rates, including how often you speed or how hard you break.

Shop around. Never settle for the first car insurance quote you’re offered. It’s important that all drivers take the time to research multiple carriers and check several quotes before choosing an insurer. As you research your options, you’ll likely find that certain carriers are better-suited to your lifestyle -- there are carriers that specifically cater to veterans and active members of the military, for example.

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