What Is Medical Payments Car Insurance Coverage?

If injured in an auto accident, medical payments (MedPay) coverage can help pay for your medical expenses. Unlike liability bodily injury coverage, MedPay will help cover these medical expenses no matter who caused the crash. If any of your passengers were injured, they would be covered as well.

MedPay can help pay for doctor and hospital bills, ambulance fees, rehabilitation costs, and health insurance deductibles and copays. MedPay will not cover damages to vehicles or property.

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MedPay vs Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

In “no-fault” states, or where insurance pays no matter who is at fault, MedPay is typically not an option. In such states, drivers may be covered by personal injury protection (PIP), which is a similar type of coverage. Here is how MedPay and PIP differ:

  1. Availability: MedPay is available in all states except Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, and Oregon. PIP is available in 22 states and D.C.
  2. Coverage: The key difference in coverage is that when injured in an auto accident, PIP can help pay for non-medical expenses, including lost wages, household duties like cleaning, and funeral costs. Unlike MedPay, health insurance deductibles and copays are not covered by PIP.

Do I Need MedPay Coverage?

If you live in Maine or New Hampshire, by law you must have MedPay to meet your state’s minimum insurance requirements.

If MedPay isn’t required by your state but is an option where you live, you may be considering adding it to your policy. Keep in mind that auto accidents with injuries can cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses alone, depending on the severity of the accident.

If your health insurance is lacking post-accident care, or has high deductibles, it is a good idea to purchase MedPay. It may also be a good idea if you frequently have passengers or are a passenger with others, especially those not in your household.

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