Auto Insurance for Drivers with Bad Driving Records

Drivers with accidents, tickets, or incidents such as DUIs on their driving record typically experience higher auto insurance rates than their safe driver counterparts. If this applies to you, however, don’t worry -- there are plenty of discounts and methods you can use to get affordable insurance rates. Here are six ways you could potentially save:

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  1. Take advantage of affiliation discounts. There are major discounts associated with certain employers and unions, so be sure to look into that -- particularly if you're a veteran, as military discounts are especially common. These can save you up to 25%.
  2. Try a non-owner policy. If you have a DUI on record, you might consider opting for a non-owner policy. With this, you will only be insured to drive cars owned by other drivers, who have their own insurance policies in place as well. Where available, these policies are typically less expensive than more traditional insurance policies. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to drive your own car while under this type of policy.
  3. If possible, consider a newer car. If your car is older and you have the means, consider buying a newer car -- many insurers charge lower rates for newer cars with improved safety features. As a bonus, this can also make you eligible for extra discounts.
  4. Look into mileage-based policies. If you drive less than 12,000 miles per year, a mileage-based policy might be something to consider. These policies usually require you to track your mileage via an app or a plug-in device. Be aware that some carriers also consider your driving behavior when calculating rates, so only take this option if you’re sure your driving habits will make the cut.
  5. Maintain a high credit score. Having a low credit score can contribute to higher insurance rates. This can't be fixed overnight, but if you’re able to pay bills on time and improve your score gradually, you’ll likely become eligible for lower rates in the future.
  6. Work on improving your driving record for the future. Focusing on your driving habits now so you can have a cleaner driving record in the future will make it easier to get low rates down the road. Just make sure to regularly check your rates with a variety of carriers to see where you stand.

And of course, always make sure to compare multiple quotes before settling on a carrier -- there are even insurers specializing in covering higher risk drivers. Checking out all of your options will lead you to better coverage and lower rates. makes it easy for high-risk drivers to save on auto insurance. Enter your zip code and answer some quick questions to get a quote!

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