Using Vehicle Discounts to Save on Car Insurance

The car you add to your insurance policy influences how much you pay, both when it comes to rates and discounts. Car insurance companies want to mitigate risk, and offering vehicle-based discounts that encourage drivers to use safer, newer cars is one way to do so. Here are some of the most common car-based discounts:

Safety Feature Discounts

The safer your car is, the more you’ll save. Making sure the car you drive has updated safety features can have a big effect on your insurance rates. Safety feature discounts include:

  • Anti-theft system discounts: save up to 20%. Car alarms, steering wheel jacks, and other theft prevention features on your car can get you a discount.
  • Anti-lock brakes discounts: save up to 10%. A common feature for newer vehicles, having anti-lock brakes is another way to save on your insurance.
  • Passive restraints discounts: save up to 5%. Side airbags, full-frontal airbags, and automatic seatbelts can all earn you extra discounts as well.

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Car-Focused Discounts

Aside from safety features, the cars you include on your policy can earn you further discounts:

  • Multi-vehicle discounts: save up to 25%. If you have multiple cars to add to your policy, that’s an easy discount. Households with multiple drivers should definitely consider this.
  • Newer vehicle discounts: save up to 10%. As a means of encouraging safer vehicles, many companies offer discounts to drivers with newer cars.

Depending on your vehicle, you might be eligible for one or more of the discounts we mentioned above. There might also be policy discounts and driver discounts that work for you as well. Every insurance company offers different discounts, so your mileage will vary. When shopping for insurance, it’s a good idea to take into account which discounts each carrier offers before making a decision.

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