Auto Insurance and Discounts

Looking for ways to pay less for car insurance? Most carriers offer multiple discount options that make it easy to do just that. There’s a wide variety when it comes to available discounts -- you could save because of your job, your car model, or your payment settings, just to name a few examples. Taking advantage of discounts is key to paying the lowest rates possible.

Vehicle Discounts

Vehicle discounts allow you to take advantage of savings related to your own car. Is your car new? Does it have updated safety features? If either of these is true, it’s likely you are eligible for discounts. Vehicle discounts can save you anywhere from 5% to 25%.

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Driver Discounts

Driver-based discounts are discounts that are based on your driving history and demographics. Whether it's because of your age, your job, or your clean driving record, certain carriers might offer discounts that you are eligible for. Driver discounts can save you up to 40%.

Policy Discounts

Your insurance policy itself could earn you discounts. Whether you’ve just switched carriers or you’ve been a loyal customer to the same one for years, you’re bundling home and auto insurance into one policy, or you’ve simply set up autopay for your bill, there are plenty of policy-based discounts available. Policy discounts can be worth up to 20%.

How Much Can You Really Save?

How much you stand to save based on discounts alone varies dramatically between carriers. Not all carriers offer the same discounts, and how much a discount is for is up to the discretion of the insurer. As an estimate, we typically see savings ranging between 2 and 35% per discount. While at the lower end this amount might seem small, the money you save will add up quickly and the more discounts you’re able to use, the better.

Comparing quotes and taking advantage of discounts are great ways to get affordable car insurance. Enter your zip code now and see how much you can save!

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