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Different drivers have different needs. So why should you end up with a policy that does not suit you?

Ending up with the wrong policy for your driving habits can cost you. The reason is that certain insurance carriers specialize in covering certain types of drivers. Drivers can enjoy the best rates when there is a match. In other words, you are almost guaranteed to overpay if you end up purchasing a policy from an insurance carrier that does not specialize in your driver type.

With, we help you get the right policy the first time. By entering your zip code and answering some easy questions, our site evaluates your responses to determine the best options for your unique driver profile.

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Here are some examples of the types of drivers we can help save:

Safe Driver Insurance

Have you had a clean driving record for at least three years? Learn how to maximize your safe driver savings.

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Drivers With a Bad Driving Record

Tickets? Accidents? Even a DUI? Just because you have made some mistakes in the past, doesn’t mean we can’t get you a better rate. See our resources for high-risk drivers.

Bad driving record quote

Young & Teen Driver Insurance

Under 26 years old? Need a policy that includes your teen? Let us help you save on your family’s coverage needs. See our young and teen driver resources.

Teen driver quote

Senior Driver Insurance

Over 65 years old? You do not have to overpay. Learn about the new coverage and discount options that are available to help senior drivers save.

Senior driver quote

Savings Opportunities for All Drivers

No matter your driving habits or type, we can help you save. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you shop for auto insurance:

  1. Take advantage of all available discounts. You may be entitled to more discounts than you think. Learn about the various discounts that are available to help you save.

  2. Work to change your driving habits. Have a bad driving record? Depending on where you live, you could take a defensive driving course to lower your rate.

    Another option is a usage-based policy. A usage-based policy utilizes technology, known as telematics, where a simple device or app monitors your driving habits and provides you feedback. The better you drive the lower your rate.

    Are you not driving as much as you used to? Be sure to calculate roughly how many miles you typically drive. Rates tend to drop under 12,000 miles/year, then even more if you drive less than 7,500 or 5,000/year. If you no longer commute to work, make sure your driver status is no longer listed as “commuter” on your policy. Consider switching it to “driving for pleasure,” which can help you secure a lower rate.

  3. Shop around. If you’ve had the same insurer for years, it’s time to look at other options. Most likely, both your needs and rates have changed, especially considering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As you shop around, try to get carriers to compete for your business. If you are switching to a new policy, it can be helpful to have your current auto insurance declaration page. A declaration page will tell you exactly what coverage you have and how much, including your limits and deductibles. By having this information handy, you can compare policies apples-to-apples, making it easier to focus on getting the best rate.

No matter your driving needs, can help you get the right policy for the right price. Enter your zip code now to compare your options. You could save $744* per year!

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