Auto Insurance for Mature or Senior Drivers

Auto insurance rates typically start to increase once a driver reaches 65 years old.

Fortunately, there are certain discounts and options that you can take advantage of to make your premiums more affordable. Here are the six ways senior drivers can save on auto insurance:

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  1. Check for senior discounts. Depending on where you live, a mature or senior driver discount may be available for those 55 years or older. Senior driver discounts can save you up to 15%.

  2. Take a defensive driving course for seniors. You may be able to take a defensive driving course designed for seniors. In some states, this could be a requirement or condition for your senior discount. Depending on where your live, successful completion of a senior defensive driving course could earn you up to an additional 15% off.

  3. Make sure to get a veteran’s discount if you served in the military. Seniors who are retired from the armed forces, and at times those who have a veteran in their family, may qualify for a veteran’s discount of up to 15% off.

  4. Consider driving a newer vehicle. Newer vehicles tend to have better safety features and can be cheaper to insure.

  5. Try a low mileage or usage-based policy. With retirement, many seniors find themselves driving less often, especially when commuting is no longer a factor. Keep in mind that rates are often lower if you drive less than 12,000 miles/year, and even lower if you drive less than 7,500 or 5,000/year. If this is the case, make sure that your policy reflects your lower mileage.

    You can also consider a usage-based policy. Usage-based insurance utilizes an app or device the measure how many miles you drive. You are only charged for insurance when you are behind the wheel.

  6. Review any other discount options that you may have missed. You could be eligible for various other discounts, such as autopay, bundling, or more. Learn more here.

Lastly, be certain to compare at least a few quotes. If you have been on the same policy for a long time, it is probably time to switch to a carrier that specializes in mature drivers. makes it easy for senior drivers to save on the best policy for their needs. Enter your zip code and answer some basic questions to get a quote now.

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